Our Mission

Through the years we have been doing this, we long ago realised that the most important thing, above all else is to provide a completely stress free environment and positive surroundings.

We believe this to be absolutely essential and no amount of classy equipment can make up for the lack of the right atmosphere operated by the right people with the right attitude.

When you decide to use The Lodge Recording Studio, it won’t end up costing you an arm and a leg. You will get our undivided attention from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave. You will be working with talented engineers who will be able to understand exactly where you are coming from and will do their very best to give you exactly what you want.

At The Lodge Recording Studio you will find gifted people with experience, skills, creative imagination and brains, plus all the gear you are likely to ever need to get the best possible results recording a demo or full album for release. The Studios give large discounts to unsigned bands, small independent labels and young bands still at school. We have built our reputation recording bands. It is what we understand and do best. We are constantly improving our facilities. All in all, The Lodge represents unbeatable value.


The studio was first established in 1979 by Robert John Godfrey and Stephen Stewart. Situated in a large farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside, it soon became a favourite with some producers and one of the best known mid-priced residential recording studios in the business with such famous artists as Kim Wilde, The Ruts, Katrina and the Waves, New Model Army, Mari Wilson, Marillion and Paradise Lost using it on a regular basis until 1988 when the owners closed it in order to concentrate on separate musical careers.

In 1992, The Lodge reopened in Northampton and Max Read took over day-to-day running and all engineering. Lodge Studio 2 was built in 2004 to cope with overflow work from Studio 1.

In 2009, Max became too busy with his band The Enid and handed Studio 1 over to friends Mark Cann and Jamie Macefield. Max is now back at the studio and has full-time use of Studio 2.

The Lodge Recording Studio

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